Automotive Lubricants

RBS principal strategic objectives is to enhance quality and its growth in global market. The laboratory performs regular inspection of the raw materials & finished products to ensure highest performance specification & stringent world class quality standards.

Automotive Lubricants Speedo 4T 10W30

RBS Speedo 41 10W30 the hi-tech multi grade engine oil developed for new generation 4 stroke engines of motorbikes. It is suitable for year round use, providing top class performance for all new generation 4 stoke air cooled racing engine working under the severe operating conditions.

Product Benefits : Easy Start
  Keeps the engine cool
  Maintain lubrication at high temp.
  Prevent from rust and corrosion
  High on mileage
  Low maintenance
Performance level : Meet and exceeds highest specifications and classifications for four-stroke cycle gasoline engine requiring SAE 20W-40; API SL; JASO MA-2
Applications : RBS Speedo 4T 10W30 is suitable for air cooled four-stroke cycle engine of new ganeration motorbikes of all leading manufacturer.
Pack Size : 900 ML., 1L
Specifications & Typical Properties :
APISL / JASO MA - 2 10W30
Test Parameters ASTM Method Typical Values
Viscosity @ 100°C. cSt D 445 12.0
Viscosity @ 40°C. cSt - 92
Viscosity Index D 2270 122
Flash Point D 92 210
Pour Point D 97 -24
TBN D 2896 5.5
Density @ 29°C, Kgl D 1298 0.8620