Automotive Lubricants

RBS principal strategic objectives is to enhance quality and its growth in global market. The laboratory performs regular inspection of the raw materials & finished products to ensure highest performance specification & stringent world class quality standards.

Automotive Lubricants RBS EP Gear 140

RBS EP GEAR 140 is formulated from high viscosity index mineral base oil blended with multipurpose sulfur phosphorus additive system. It contains rust and oxidation inhibitor EP additives demulsifier and anti-foam agents.

Product Benefits : Provide proper lubricant film to gears
  Remove excessive heat from the gear box
  Provide slip free power transmission
  Excellent load bearing capacity
  Compatible with seal material
  Anti foaming characteristics
  Smooth and trouble free ride
Performance level : API Gl-4 standards and specifications.
Applications : RBS EP Gear 140 is suitable for manual transmission and differential of automobile where EP GL-4 Type of oil is recommended. This oil is best suited for application in cars, light commercial vehicles, Trucks vans and buses of all leading manufacturer.
Pack Size : 500 ML., 1 L, 5 L, 7.5 L, 10 L, 20 L, 50 L, 210 L
Specifications & Typical Properties :
API GL-4 -
Test Parameters ASTM Method Typical Values
Viscosity @ 100°C. cSt D445 28.5
Viscosity @ 40°C. cSt - 442
Viscosity Index D 2270 90
Flash Point D 92 220
Pour Point D97 -12
TBN D 2896 -
Density @ 29°C, Kgl D 1298 0.8880