RBS Grease

RBS principal strategic objectives is to enhance quality and its growth in global market. The laboratory performs regular inspection of the raw materials & finished products to ensure highest performance specification & stringent world class quality standards.


RBS Grease Crystal MP3 Xtramile

RBS Crystal MP3 Xtramile Grease is a premium quality long life multipurpose grease. It can be used for 30000 kms. approximately under normal conditions without change due to high shear stability. Excellent performance in wheel bearing. It is water resistant & can with stand high temperature. It has good anti-oxidation properties & anti rust quality.

Applications : Recommended for wheel bearing for long haul plying trucks & all industrial bearings working under high load condition. EP ensure greater protection against heavy & shock loads.
Pack Size : 1Kg., 3Kg., 5Kg., 20Kg., 180Kg.