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RBS principal strategic objectives is to enhance quality and its growth in global market. The laboratory performs regular inspection of the raw materials & finished products to ensure highest performance specification & stringent world class quality standards.

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RBS LUBRICANTS is founded by MR. JITENDRA KUMAR The Company is equipped with Latest Technology blending plant to produce world class automotive & Industrial products. The company has future expansion plan for manufacturing different type of automotive oil and industrial greases.

We understand our customer's needs, and the industrial they operate in. We are familiar with the increasingly stringent requirements of function and cost-efficiency, and the expected contribution towards Maximum value creation. Our company strength lies in developing, producing and optimizing the application of quality lubricants for automotives industrial and commercial use. We see our role as a supportive partner to our customers, irrespective of the industry or sector in which they operate.

RBS is a one-stop shop for quick, easy and convenient lubricant care, providing customers with a refreshing experience across the country. Our range includes several lubricants used in all field namely Automotive, Industrial, Marine and Agriculture and encompasses literally every lubricant requirement.

The brand is as par with the ever-changing Indian Conditions. Our research and development team always Keeps close contact with our technology partners and consultants and try to upgrade the products as per the specific needs. This innovation goes ahead in using high quality additives for reducing engine wear & tear, Ensuring Low ash, Providing nano-thin coating on piston cylinders with controlled deposit for a smooth & clean Engine Performance. Our World Class Lubricant Brand Come at very competitive prices too!
The brochure describes in brief the properties of lubricating oils, greases and specialties product used in various automotive industries and industrial sectors.

We always look forward to have fine customers company's relationship.