Automotive Lubricants

RBS principal strategic objectives is to enhance quality and its growth in global market. The laboratory performs regular inspection of the raw materials & finished products to ensure highest performance specification & stringent world class quality standards.


Automotive Lubricants Brake Fluid DOT4

RBS Brake Fluid D014 is high performance poly glycol based brake fluid specially designed for use in disc, drum & Anti-locking Brake Systems (ABS) of any commercial vehicles, passenger cars and motorcycles operating under moderate to severe conditions and requiring a DOT4 type of fluid.

Product Benefits : High boiling point reduces the impact to moisture
  absorption while in service & provides reliable
  braking performance.
  Superior oxidative stability resists oxidation at
    high temperatures encountered in disk braking
  Superior high temperature stability and low
    temperature fluidity ensure trouble free operation.
  Effective corrosion inhibitors provide long term
    corrosion protection to the metallic components
    to the brake systems.
  Provides lubricity and system protection.
  Compatible with all seals and metals used in
    conventional braking systems requiring poly
    glycol brake fluids.
Applications : Hydraulic brake fluid systems in cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles where 0014 type of Brake fluid is specified. Disc and drum brakes including modern vehicles fitted with ABS requiring DOT 4 quality fluids.
Pack Size : 250ML, 500ML
Specifications & Typical Properties :
FMVSS 116 DOT4 -
Test Parameters ASTM Method Typical Values
Viscosity @ 100°C. cSt FMVSS 116 < 1800
Viscosity @ 40°C. cSt FMVSS 116 > 1.5
ERBP FMVSS 116 > 230
Wet ERBP FMVSS 116 > 155
Ph Value FMVSS 116 7.0 to 11.5
Density @ 15°C, Kgl D 1298 1.06